Greetings, Walk to Emmaus members!  Dates to put on your calendar:  Jan 25-26 Joint Team Meeting, Feb 7-10 Men’s Walk, Feb 21-24 Women’s Walk and March 9 Fourth Day at Yreka United Methodist Church

Lay Directors: Jesus (men & women), Scott Eitel (men’s),  and Michelle O’Gorman (women’s)

Early registration–Dec 28, 2018.  $10 discount for early registration.  Cost $85.  Deadline for Registration–Jan 11, 2019.  Cost $95

From Scott Eitel, Men’s Walk Lay Director:
It is with great joy that I get to announce that we have a fully staffed team set for the Men’s walk #47 scheduled for February 7ththrough the 10th at Yreka UMC. I want thank everyone that has stepped up and committed to work the walk so early so we can focus on making the walk a blessing to all.  We eagerly await to see how God will use this walk to glorify His kingdom. Now we move to the next phase and that is team meetings and planning. Oh, and we must not forget the Pilgrims. As I write this message we have 10 openings for Pilgrims. I would really hate to see one space go unused when I know what a difference it can make in a Brother or Sisters life. I know that Becky and I are praying for wisdom about many things. One of which would be pilgrims to sponsor and how to pay the fees. As I write this article I’m thinking of ways to make this happen. I know that God will show us who we are to send, and He will also show us how to pay the fees. Short of winning the lottery I have a few ideas of my own until God provides His plan for us.
1)      Save the money I would have spent on lottery tickets (if I played) and use this to pay the fees.
2)      Since we are almost 5 months out. I will be setting aside $5.00 a week. 20 weeks equals $100.00. So you say how do I plan to do this on a tight budget? I like most members of the MTWTE community enjoy a good cup of coffee a couple times a week. So instead of ordering a large decafe vanilla chocolate with double whip, no foam, 2 half pumps of caramel fusion with 3 shots of expresso. I will order a medium coffee.
3)      Another option is to take all of the loose change I can find and put it in a jar. I will go through the seat cushions, coin slots in the car. Pockets of clothes I have not worn in a while, and instead of digging through my pockets every time I buy something to have exact change. I will take the change I get every day and throw that in the jar.
4)      The other methods are more conventional. I can partner up with someone else and share the fees. This is great since it gets others involved with the sponsoring and they may realize that even if they don’t have a lot they can make a difference.
5)      I can search out others in the Community that may not be able to work the walk as they have in the past, but still want to support MTWTE and share the blessing they received by attending a walk and sponsor a pilgrim. There are many reasons a member may not be able to work like health, work or family obligations.
At every walk I have attended we sing A LOT. One of the songs we sing is “Here I am, Lord” . It is based on Isaiah 6:8. The later part of verse 8 says he said “here I am, send me”. And when we sing it we mean it. This I believe is one of those moments where He will send you to speak for Him. Remember, PRAY, LISTEN and MOVE when you get an answer even if it is not the one you prayed for. This is a time to think outside the box and be bold. If the Lord puts someone on your heart after you have prayed about it. There is a reason. It may not be because it’s what you want, I may be because they need it more than you know. And it is what He wants.
May the Lord bless you more than you ever dreamed possible. Amen
Scott Eitel

From Michelle O’Gorman, Women’s Walk Lay Director: 
Hello, all, I’m happy to report that our Team selection meetings have been very fruitful, and our team is now full!  May the Lord now fill the Walks with men and women who are eager to take their  spiritual walk to the next level.  Please pray about who to sponsor, and be obedient when he gives you a name.  Take a leap of faith to ask, even when it might be uncomfortable, or take you out of your comfort zone.  I know that besides my Walk, back in 2010, the best experiences I’ve had have been when I’ve sponsored pilgrims to go on their Walk.  I usually give them an application, a brochure, the dates, and ask them to pray about going.  The blessings that you both will receive from them accepting the invitation are amazing and more than you can imagine!  Please get the pilgrim applications in early, it really helps in our planning and it’s wonderful to start praying for them as soon as possible, as the whole team will.  You will find the full 5 page application in your Fourth Day packet you were given on the last Walk, or you can find it online as well, at our website at  Thank you for your loving commitment to serve and bless this community, whether you are working on a Walk, praying for sponsoring opportunities, coming to Candlelight, taking a spot praying for everyone in the prayer vigil (one or off-site)!  There are so many ways to love others, and we are so blessed by this community of Emmaus, as just one of those ways!

New Reunion Groups:
Yreka area, 1st Friday of each month, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Hall 314 Fourth St. at 7 pm, both men and women welcome!
Klamath Falls area, 2nd Saturday of each month, 8:30 a.m. at Elmer’s Restaurant, South 6th St. Call Pastor Charlie Criss for more info.

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Michelle O’Gorman

Executive Director, Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative, including:  Yreka Community Resource Center, Hub Communities Family Resource Center,  Dunsmuir Community Resource Center,  Mt. Shasta Community Resource Center and Family & Community Resource Center of Weed

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